A1: Why should I register for an account?
Registering for an account makes your shopping process faster and more convenient. You only have to fill out your personal information once. Whenever you are signed-in to make a purchase, your personal details will automatically be displayed upon checkout.

A2: What personal information is being collected when I register for an account?
We require an email address (which will be your Login ID), a password, your name, address and contact number for registering an account. These information can be edited anytime by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’. We do not collect or store any credit card information.

A3: Can I still make an online purchase if I don’t wish to register for an account?
Yes you can. The only difference is that your information will not be saved. The next time you return to make a purchase, you will have to key in these information again.

A4: What do I get when I sign up for your mailing list?
You will receive periodic updates from us in the form of e-newsletters, notifying you of new arrivals, restocks, events, promotions and other news related to Dive Junkie.

A5: What is your privacy and security policy regarding personal information submitted through your website?
All personal information given to us will be kept strictly confidential according to our Privacy and Security policy, and will be used only when processing orders or sending out e-newsletters to subscribers on our mailing list. These information will never be sold or revealed to a 3rd party, unless they are needed to fulfill an order.

A6: How can I delete my account or unsubscribe from your mailing list?
We hope you wouldn’t do either of the above. It will make us very sad. But if you really wish to, please send us an email at [email protected] together with a note of consolation.

A7: Why haven’t I heard from you after placing an order, submitting an enquiry or signing up for your mailing list?
Chances are that your email service provider has classified our emails as spam. This tends to happen with free email service providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or Gmail. Should this be the case, please try one of the following:

– Select our emails from the Spam or Bulk folder, then click on ‘Not Spam’.
– Add our domain address “dive-junkie.com” into your ‘Friends’ or ‘Allow’ list.

B1: How do I purchase products on your website?
Please refer to our Buying Guide which can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

B2: Do you ship internationally? How much will it cost?
Yes we do. You may wish to refer to the shipping charges in our Shipping Info, also found at the bottom of our homepage. If your country is not listed or you are unsure, do email us at [email protected]

B3: Do you have Express Shipping options?
Yes we do. Contact us at [email protected] with your order details and we will process your order separately. Do note that additional costs will apply and we’ll let you know what these will be before we ship.

4: If the size doesn’t fit, can I make an exchange?
If you have purchased the item through the Dive Junkie website, you can make an exchange if the size doesn’t fit. All you need to do is to send the item back to us and upon receiving the shirt, we will send out the correct size to you. The costs which you will incur are the postage/shipping costs when you send the item back to us, and also that for us to send the exchange item to you.

If your item was purchased at one of our authorised dealers, it must be returned back to the same store, the return policy of which will be based on that store. Please obtain more details from our Returns and Exchanges section which can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

B5: Can I use a Debit Card to make a purchase?
Yes you can. Debit Cards are treated the same way as Credit Cards, the only difference being that you must have enough funds in your bank account to process the transaction. If you are unsure, please check with your bank.

B6: I don’t have a Credit or Debit Card. Can I still make a purchase from your website?
Yes this is possible if you live in Singapore. Contact us at [email protected] with your order details and we will process your order offline. Payment can be made using Internet Banking Funds Transfer or ATM Funds Transfer. If you are located outside Singapore, we are sorry that there we can only accept payment though credit/debit cards or PayPal.

B7: Must I pay GST (Goods and Services Tax) on my purchases?
Dive Junkie Pte Ltd is a GST-Registered company in Singapore and therefore all orders to be delivered to Singapore addresses will incur GST. GST will be calculated and included in the total invoice amount upon checkout. The prevailing GST rate in Singapore is 7% (as of 1st July 2013).

If the order is to be delivered to an address outside Singapore, GST is not applicable. However, please note that some countries may impose an import or local tax on the purchased items. We have no control over these taxes nor can we predict how much they would be. Settling these taxes and any additional charges for customs clearance is the responsibility of the intended recipient. If you are unsure, please check with you local customs authority.

B8: How will my order be delivered to me?
For delivery locations in Singapore, your order will be delivered by SingPost as Local Mail.
For international orders, delivery will be by Registered Air Parcel.

C1: How do I determine my size?
We have put together a set of sizing information in our Size Chart to guide you in making the right choice. The chest width and body length of all the styles are shown on the size chart. We recommend that you pick out a similar item of your favourite fit from your wardrobe, lay it flat down, measure the chest width across the item from seam to seam and match it with the chest width of Dive Junkie items on the size chart. Do the same for the body length. From there you should be able to decide the size which you would like best.

The fitting of the item is also an important consideration. We have made recommendations of the best fit based on chest measurement for the guys, and bust measurement for the ladies. For example, the Men’s V-neck T-shirts are designed to be slim-fit while the Round-neck T-shirts are meant to be worn with a regular fit. If you prefer to wear them less fitting, you may wish to go for a size bigger. We recognize that everyone has a unique body shape and may have different dressing styles. So do consider your fitting preference as well when choosing the size.

C2: Will your shirts shrink after wash?
Technically, it is almost impossible to obtain a “completely” pre-shrunk 100% cotton T-shirt due to the natural properties of cotton. Realistically, for all good 100% cotton T-shirts out there, a 1 to 3% shrinkage after wash is common, even after they have been “pre-shrunk” at the factory. The same goes for Dive Junkie T-shirts. While we always put our T-shirts through processes for minimal shrinkage, 1 – 3% is considered a reasonable shrinkage tolerance, with minimal noticeable difference to the physical appearance.

We have confidence in our products, but if you are still unhappy with your Tee after wash, we will refund you the full amount that you have paid. Please see our Returns and Exchanges policy.

(Important Note: We guarantee the above only if you follow the recommended care wash instructions!)

C3: If a guy finds a ‘Regular-S’ size a tad too big, what’s the next size below?
We’re sorry, there isn’t one. And we reckon you wouldn’t want a tee with a Ladies cutting. However, we’ll let you in on a secret. We heard that putting your cotton T-shirt after the very first wash into a dryer at medium/high settings tends to shrink it more than usual. Remember, you didn’t hear it from us, nor did we recommend doing this under normal circumstances.

C4: If a lady finds a ‘Ladies-L’ size a tad too small, what’s the next size above?
Sorry ladies, no secret to let out here. If this is the case may we suggest that you consider the Regular-sized items.

C5: When do you restock ‘Out-of-stock’ items?
Our items are mostly available on a “while stocks last” basis. Like most major fashion brands, Dive Junkie endeavours to constantly release new designs every season and offer fresh options. There are usually no plans to replenish stocks that have run out but if there are strong interests from trade buyers, we may do so. Should we restock an item, we will keep all subscribers on our email list informed and have the news updated on our website. As such, please do check back on our website occasionally, or you may wish to subscribe to our mailing list and be kept informed of any restocks, new arrivals or promotions through our newsletters.

On the other hand, if you are looking for any items in particular, what we can also do is to check with the retail stores here in Singapore to see if the requested items might still be available. Should they be available, we can have them transferred back and you can purchase them through our online store. We have on several occasions successfully made available requested items to customers through this process. If you live in Singapore, you may wish to visit the retail stores directly but you might want to call them up first to check on the availability. If you would like us to check, please go to our Contact page and drop an enquiry detailing the design, base colour and size you are looking for.

If you are a trade buyer interested in any particular design, please get in touch with us at [email protected]

C6: Do you have any ‘SAVE THE SHARKS’ T-shirts?
Yes, we do. The design is called “Barcode Shark”. The visual is of a shark behind a barcode which in short, serves to convey the meaning that sharks are being trapped behind the jail bars of commercialisation.

This design was done to increase awareness about the plight of sharks in our oceans. As with our other T-shirts, this T-shirt comes with a story tag that tells about the meaning of the design and the message or the inspiration behind it. More so for the Barcode Shark Tee than any others, we hope that its message will reach more and more people and put a stop to senseless killing of sharks for misguided beliefs.

The Barcode Shark T-shirt however doesn’t blatantly say “Save the Sharks”. If you haven’t noticed, Dive Junkie’s design styles tend to be more subtle. Our T-shirts are generally conceptualised and designed to make people think a little bit deeper into things. We like our designs to evoke smiles, provoke minds and connect thoughts. They will always be great topics for conversation.

Well we would think that if you were to wear the Barcode Shark Tee, the design may very well spark curiosity in people. This is a good opportunity to share the meaning of the design, increase the awareness and spread the message.

D1: Do you teach scuba diving, organise dive trips or sell diving/snorkeling equipment?
No we don’t. Dive Junkie is an independent apparel company and we do not run scuba diving operations nor sell diving/snorkeling equipment.

D2: I am searching for snorkeling / diving gear like fins, masks and wetsuits. Where can I buy them in Singapore?
Most dive shops in Singapore sell dive equipment, but for the widest range and most convenient locations, you might want to visit:

Gill Divers

Deep Blue Scuba

Amazing Dive

Eko Divers

You may also like to check out the dive centres listed on this webpage:

D3: I have feedback. Where can I send them to?
Please visit our Contact Page to submit all feedback through the feedback/enquiry form. We will revert to you shortly.

Feedback is an important source for us to know what you think. Regardless of whether they concern the ordering, payment and delivery process, the quality of our products, or something about our website, they are all very valuable to us. All feedback and comments are important in helping us improve the overall operations, service and experience at Dive Junkie. We will like to thank you in advance for taking time to provide feedback and comments. So write away and we look forward to hearing from you!

D4: I want to be your designer! How can I contact you?
If you feel that you have what it takes to create designs that divers can relate to, do send us an e-portfoilio of your best works and tell us what you can do for us.